As a PGA ‘Specialist Golf Coach’, with over 40 years of golf coaching experience, I will be offering you the very best training and advice on your way to learning this fascinating game.

Everyone is different, with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, and I will be helping you to find what works for you to add fun to your golfing development.  

Our golf courses in Wienerberg take place on weekends. All golf equipment and practise balls needed are supplied within the course price.

I look forward to seeing you and helping you make your first steps in golf.


After doing your basic training, you may feel the need, in the years following, to take individual training to help reach your potential. This will always be available at times to suit you. You just need to find a golf trainer who you can trust and connect with. 


Once a golfer has reached a level of consistency, it will become ever clearer that golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. From time to time, I will be arranging mental training courses. If interested, please contact me.